31 December 2012

xmas at ours

Just a few pictures from Xmas day at ours, we had so much fun laughing our socks off and enjoying the company of our folks. We ate more than you'd think is humanly possible, we drank plenty too, we exchanged gifts, and played silly games. We might not have had snow this year but it was perfect all the same. I hope you enjoyed yours too.

29 December 2012

the prep paid off

Hello! Hope you are all well and had fun this Xmas. I had expected to get back here again before Xmas and wish you all a happy one. But plans don't always work out, instead we found ourselves busy with preparations - we had both sets of parents coming for Xmas day and wanted to make sure everything went just how we'd like it to, we put lots into the preparation this year, which meant come Xmas day we could enjoy it with our family, having a merry laugh with them rather than flapping about in the kitchen all day - it worked our prep work paid off and we got to enjoy Xmas with our guests just as we'd hoped (I'll share that in another post). We ate, drank plenty, laughed, joked and played games. These pictures show how Xmas looked at ours, before the party began. 

22 December 2012

a sweet xmas

Hello! Last week was a bit quiet here, I caught a nasty cold which slowed me up completely and meant a couple of days of rest were needed. Of course that didn't help with the preparations for Xmas - we were behind before and now we are even more! Thankfully the weekend is here and we've had a busy day of catching up. I've haven't many pictures to share but here is one of the chocolates we've been making as little gifts. Little assortments, which were great fun to make and decorate - D and I did them together which was good too. We've been food shopping today, preparing more food stuff, and generally sorting things out at home. We've still lots of wrapping to do, the tree needs to go up - basically the pretty stuff which is always the most fun, oh and of course more food - how can one day involve so much?! Hope if you're celebrating things are coming together for you too, I can't wait to find a minute to catch up with blogs and see what you've all been up to.

17 December 2012

gold and grey

Just a few of my recent images from Instagram (if you're not following already you'll find me here nicekindofblue). Xmas preparations are finally coming along here. The cards and presents that needed posting have all gone now, the lights are up outside, some food for Xmas day has been prepared (well the trial run at least) and a few chocolates made. Still plenty more to do, but I'm getting in the swing of it all now. How are your preparations coming along? 

Oh and it's snowing here on the blog, I forgot to mention before. You can find how to make it snow here - enjoy! 

14 December 2012

pretty cold

It's been really cold lately, our house feels pretty chilly most of the time. The warmest place is at the computer with the heater on under the desk. Despite the chill I spent yesterday lunchtime in the garden taking some pictures and hanging out with the ducks and Mouser. It's just so pretty - the cold don't you think?

13 December 2012

introducing mandy

My last post got some of you asking about Mandy - who is she and why does she live with us. Well back when I was at university Mandy was working in a shop, she was a model. Then for whatever reason (I think the shop was closing down) Mandy was made redundant, no one wanted her, but my dad saw she was in need of a home and thought of me. She came to live in our shared house, settling in quickly, making herself at home. She was very popular with our guests, especially the boys! She'd also help me out with my design projects modeling for me on several occasions. I'd drive her around to different locations dressing her up in various outfits, she was the perfect model (apart from being a little static of course). Now she resides in our lounge wearing clothes that no longer fit me or like the orange jumper (in the previous post) just don't suit me. She's always there, standing in the same place, it's funny I'm so used to her now I barely notice her, though she often gives guests a surprise!

• in the lounge of the house I shared at university
• modelling as Hippolyta, from A Midsummer Night's Dream
• playing football

10 December 2012

peeking - our lounge

Hello, thought I'd share our lounge with you before the decorations and tree go up. It's looking quite tidy for once, I've finally got on top of the piles of paper that appear and clutter our home from time to time - you know the type of pile (bills, catalogues, newsletters etc.) it's bliss without them, though I'm only too aware of how easily they creep back and accumulate in a little pile that soon spills into another little pile or two. Anyway welcome! We still haven't done anything to this room since moving in, eventually we'll decorate, (loose the beige carpet, the artexed ceiling, maybe add some colour to a wall or two, get the sofas re-covered). But first comes Xmas (I'm starting to get a little excited). We'll put the tree up in here along with a decoration or two. Oh that's Mandy in the orange jumper she's lived with me since college, luckily she's no trouble at all.

8 December 2012

keeping up

Sometimes I'd just like to slow up the time. Another weeks flown by and I'm no closer to being ready for Xmas. In fact I can't seem to get my head around the fact that it's fast approaching and I really need to get a wiggle on. I keep seeing posts of beautifully decorated trees, of festive decorations, and home baked delights. It's not like that round here, we're still fighting the everyday battles of work deadlines, a home that won't clean itself and washing that doesn't want to dry. I know it will come together in time, the presents will be bought and wrapped, the tree up and decorated, the lights on the tree outside, the baking done, the food prepared, the fire lit. It just seems to take us longer than others. Is it just us or is anyone else struggling to keep up this December?

A few images from last weekend
• Our knockabouts
• Pie posing handsomely in the light
• Frost

Now I really must sit down and write those Xmas cards...

5 December 2012

a surprise at dawn

We woke to darkness again, but looking outside in the awakening light we saw snow! A complete surprise our garden a blanket of white. After a quick breakfast with D, I took these hurried pictures without time to venture far from our back door. The journey to work was an opportunity to take in the pretty covering of snow, which abruptly ended somewhere between Cheshunt and Tottenham Hale! Back home in the snowscape now, though it's melted a little, I'm hoping there might be enough left in the morning to step in and enjoy. So did you have a surprise this morning when you looked out of the window?

29 November 2012

i designed some cards

We always like to send homemade Xmas cards, but in recent years that habits slipped and we've been sending bought cards. This year I thought I'd design some to be printed professionally [I used moo], rather than by me in the kitchen, as I've done in the past. I can't quite believe how organised I've been though [I actually got these back from the printer a few weeks ago], I'm just trying to minimise the stress nearer to Xmas! Still have to write them and find a nice pen for writing on those fancy gold envelopes. I love trying out pens in stationary shops though, adding to the scribbles on those little pads - don't you? 

26 November 2012


It's been a funny kind of month, this November, I know we're not quite at the end of it yet but it feels to have flown by. The weather has been pretty yukky, so cold and murky, the darkness so long and stifling I almost want to skip straight to December, yet I really don't feel ready for the month of Xmas quite yet. These images are from my Instagram (@nicekindofblue) a bit of my November. I'm still really enjoying Instagram, are you? The darkness seems to stop me taking as many pictures though, still I love flicking through everyone else's.

Clockwise from top left
• misty mornings
• fireworks
• train pattern
• flowers from the greenhouse

23 November 2012


This past week there has been a turn towards winter. The start of the week was frosty and cold, followed by torrential rain and then last night the wind, gusty and strong. It's been a busy week too, busy with work, finally one of the books I've been working on went to the printer yesterday, a relief that was. Now I can concentrate and get on with the other book I'm designing, still lots to do and that too must make it's way to the printer, all before Xmas. 

15 November 2012


• Leaves keep falling.
• Bright eyes.
• Wet seats.
• Arch is up.
• Bit more path.
• Tit and Pie hanging out at their temporary pool.
• Pie says " h e l l o ".

Pictures from earlier in the week. We managed to get a bit done in the garden over the weekend, but leaves and the constant need to rake them up hinder our efforts with the veg patch. There is still more to clear, another bed to build and then a fence to go round, we'll get there just not as quickly as I'd like! Tit and Pie's shell pool cracked, they are on their second inflatable of the week and it seems Argos is all out of shells - lets hope they restock soon. 

Friday tomorrow and nearly the weekend again, I can't wait to get outside again and carry on where we left off.