10 May 2012

in the post

When I arrived home yesterday there was post to open! You might have read before how much I love to receive post - and I don't mean bills! I love post from friends and family little packages of love. Well yesterday I was lucky enough to receive two packages, one a gift from my little niece and nephew in Australia (OK they're not technically 'my' niece and nephew, they are D's but it's the closest I'll get since I'm an unmarried only child). They are just so creative, check out this pretty card they've made (above). 

And a letter from my lovely friend Marf, decorated with flowers, oh Marf knows how much I love plants and flowers! She wondered if I knew what they were, I don't, but perhaps you do.

my little chair

Back in 1997, when I was still at University, Mum and I went along to a house auction - the contents of 'Meadow Croft' were up for sale. The brochure states that Meadow Croft was built in 1911 by the Hunt family and furnished by them prior to and just after the First World War. We viewed the lots and fell in love with a little chair, a comfy little chair, just the right size for a lady (sorry D it's too small for you). We sat patiently waiting for our lot, scribbling notes to each other to pass the time and then when lot 324 came up Mum set about bidding. We won of course, Mum was determined the little chair would be ours and it is. I've had it ever since, though a few years back when our flat became too full it was relegated to Mum and Dad's garage - till now that is. For my birthday this year my parents offered to pay for the little chair to be reupholstered. I've been looking for a suitable fabric that I love and we can live with ever since. Its tough finding a fabric that you love and that will work with what you have, something you think will last, something that won't date too quickly, that won't show any muddy footprints belonging to a certain Mr Mouse, that suits the chair. FInally I've made a selection and today the lady that's going to upholster the chair is coming to see if she thinks the samples I've found could work. 

The top fabric (Designers Guild - Boqueria Granite Cuttings) is our favourite and first choice, the middle (Sanderson - Rainforest) I love but wonder if it might be too overpowering and last (Sanderson - Bellflower) I really love the colours they're just what I had in mind, but I'm not sure it's right for the chair. I'll keep you posted once we make up our minds!