8 December 2012

keeping up

Sometimes I'd just like to slow up the time. Another weeks flown by and I'm no closer to being ready for Xmas. In fact I can't seem to get my head around the fact that it's fast approaching and I really need to get a wiggle on. I keep seeing posts of beautifully decorated trees, of festive decorations, and home baked delights. It's not like that round here, we're still fighting the everyday battles of work deadlines, a home that won't clean itself and washing that doesn't want to dry. I know it will come together in time, the presents will be bought and wrapped, the tree up and decorated, the lights on the tree outside, the baking done, the food prepared, the fire lit. It just seems to take us longer than others. Is it just us or is anyone else struggling to keep up this December?

A few images from last weekend
• Our knockabouts
• Pie posing handsomely in the light
• Frost

Now I really must sit down and write those Xmas cards...

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  1. You know I'm there with you... feel like I'm chasing my tail at the best of times, so un-prepared for Christmas, but, like you I need to keep the faith that we'll get there!


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