10 October 2013

garden inspiration

A few weeks back we visited the house and garden of the late Sir Frederick Gibberd, we've been here a few times now, its one of those places that pulls you back. Unlike other gardens we've visited it's a little raw around the edges, not as immaculate as some, and not filled with flowers, though there are of course some. This garden is big, full of sculptures (Sir Gibberd's wife Lady Patricia was a great patron of the arts), trees, dappled light, water, and a little magic. There are hidden corners everywhere, vistas to discover, and paths that wend their way from one area to the next, you loose yourself in a magical adventure, feeling like an explorer discovering a forgotten land. Part of the house is also open on Sundays and if you're a lover of mid century design this is a must, I'll share that in another post to come. 

[image 1&2] copper fountains by Raef Baldwin, [image 4] Woman with Kid by Fred Kormis, [image 5] Bronze City by Gerda Rubinstein, [image 11] Bird by Hebe Cornerford