22 December 2012

a sweet xmas

Hello! Last week was a bit quiet here, I caught a nasty cold which slowed me up completely and meant a couple of days of rest were needed. Of course that didn't help with the preparations for Xmas - we were behind before and now we are even more! Thankfully the weekend is here and we've had a busy day of catching up. I've haven't many pictures to share but here is one of the chocolates we've been making as little gifts. Little assortments, which were great fun to make and decorate - D and I did them together which was good too. We've been food shopping today, preparing more food stuff, and generally sorting things out at home. We've still lots of wrapping to do, the tree needs to go up - basically the pretty stuff which is always the most fun, oh and of course more food - how can one day involve so much?! Hope if you're celebrating things are coming together for you too, I can't wait to find a minute to catch up with blogs and see what you've all been up to.