29 December 2012

the prep paid off

Hello! Hope you are all well and had fun this Xmas. I had expected to get back here again before Xmas and wish you all a happy one. But plans don't always work out, instead we found ourselves busy with preparations - we had both sets of parents coming for Xmas day and wanted to make sure everything went just how we'd like it to, we put lots into the preparation this year, which meant come Xmas day we could enjoy it with our family, having a merry laugh with them rather than flapping about in the kitchen all day - it worked our prep work paid off and we got to enjoy Xmas with our guests just as we'd hoped (I'll share that in another post). We ate, drank plenty, laughed, joked and played games. These pictures show how Xmas looked at ours, before the party began. 


  1. Love that tree and all your gorgeous retro & vintage baubles. Glad to hear it all went smoothly and looking forward to seeing how it went...a belated Happy Christmas! Rachel x

    1. Thanks Rachel! I love collecting the old baubles, some have been around since I was a little girl, others D and I have collected over the years.


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