11 May 2012

one hundred

This marks my 100th post. Back when I started this blog I had no idea how long it would last, I wasn't sure I'd manage 10 posts let along 100. Well I have, and I've enjoyed creating them all. I can't believe I've written so many words either, I'd kind of imagined I'd be more pictures and less words but sometimes I just seem to start typing! I would never have got this far if it wasn't for YOU reading, looking and clicking. Thank you! I'm so grateful to you for taking the time to look into my world, thank you to those who follow it's lovely watching my followers slowly accumulate, I didn't dream I'd have any back at the start, but I do, it's a lovely feeling to know that what I say and show is of interest. And to those who leave me comments you are simply the best, it really is the nicest thing to receive a comment, to engage in conversation, to share an interest and become friends. Thanks x