6 January 2014

garden moodboard - december 2013

Hello and Happy New Year to you! 

I'm a few days late with this, but the garden is slow at the moment and I don't feel too much has changed in the past week - other than a few more aconites opening up. This post means I've now been joining Karin and Åsa with their monthly moodboards for a complete year! I'll do another post soon where I recap on 2013 and show all 12 monthly moodboards in one post [if you can't wait till then, click here]. I've absolutely loved joining in this monthly challenge, it's fascinating to see what is in flower, and when, in our garden. As well as how long the blooms continue and how the foliage changes throughout the seasons. Not only that, it's fun noticing the differences between our Cambridgeshire garden, and those in other parts of the UK and those much further afield. I'm already looking forward to taking part in 2014 and being able to compare year on year in the future!