5 November 2011

fancy that!

I've had a cold all week, so instead of going into the office and spreading my germs I've been working from home, till yesterday. Yesterday was my first day of leaving the house since Sunday, so I decided to make the most of it by popping across the river at lunchtime to the south bank. My first stop as always over there is the southbank centre shop, it's always full of lovely things and they change them quite regularly so it's always worth a visit. 

I fell in love with Donna Wilson's Meg cushions, another thing to add to my wish-list as well as gazing longingly at the Marimekko cups, plate and bowls. But I was good and resisted buying any of these lovely things apart from the little fancy pictured! How could I resist that, so small, so cute and so perfect for our tree!

After, I popped very quickly into the Royal Festival Hall where in the foyer was part of an exhibition 'Art by Offenders, Secure Patients and Detainees'. I had a quick wizz round and it was really interesting, I'm hoping to pop back next week and see the rest of the exhibition downstairs somewhere.