18 March 2013

How was your weekend? We popped into Cambridge, taking the bikes so we could explore a little more than we would on foot. We popped into Belvisi and fell in love with these chairs! So comfy we'd love one for the head of the dining table. Still in the mood for chairs we had a look in John Lewis and ended up treating ourselves to an Eames DSW chair [an ex display with £100 off, we couldn't resist having wanted one for so long]. We ate a delicious lunch of vegetarian food at the Rainbow Cafe. Back home we spent our evening in the village hall for a charity race night - lots of fun, though I wasn't lucky in any of the races I did win a bottle of wine and a couple of Agapanthus bulbs in the raffle, plus I'm sure lots of money was raised for the charity. Sunday was spent in the garden - getting on top of things. Pie was a naughty duck and flew off leaving Tit for another lady, thankfully he saw the error of his ways and came home to Tit [though I'm hoping she hasn't forgiven him quite yet]. As with all weekends of late it was gone in a flash and now we're back to the trudgy working week again, thank goodness for that four day weekend around the corner!