15 November 2012


• Leaves keep falling.
• Bright eyes.
• Wet seats.
• Arch is up.
• Bit more path.
• Tit and Pie hanging out at their temporary pool.
• Pie says " h e l l o ".

Pictures from earlier in the week. We managed to get a bit done in the garden over the weekend, but leaves and the constant need to rake them up hinder our efforts with the veg patch. There is still more to clear, another bed to build and then a fence to go round, we'll get there just not as quickly as I'd like! Tit and Pie's shell pool cracked, they are on their second inflatable of the week and it seems Argos is all out of shells - lets hope they restock soon. 

Friday tomorrow and nearly the weekend again, I can't wait to get outside again and carry on where we left off.