26 September 2011

this little piggy...

I've always liked pigs, but never collected them as such. But recently I just keep finding them and they are so cute I can't resist.

blinds or no blinds?

We spent Saturday night listening to music and pondering the need for blinds. I love the simplicity of nothing cluttering the window, but do I love feeling like a little goldfish splashing about in my bowl for the world (well our neighbours) to see? I can't decide.

another weekend has flown by

Saturday afternoon I made a start on the weeding but soon got distracted by another job! Decided to do away with an empty flower bed that runs in front of our neighbours yew hedge. I've sewn some out-of-date grass seed, so keeping fingers-crossed that it will grow. If it does we'll be able to position a bench there to catch the evening sun. D mowed the lawn and between us we did the edges, it's amazing how tending the lawn can make such a difference. I'm sure our neighbours will be pleased!

Jake and Dinos Chapman - I learnt the hard way (2008) photo by D

Sunday we travelled to London for the day, I had a couple of tickets for the London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House. I dragged D around for about half an hour but it wasn't his thing, so we headed over the river to the Old Vic tunnels for an exhibition called mindful. The venue was great, it so damp and dank down there which seemed to suit the works on show perfectly. I liked Jake and Dinos Chapman's 'I learnt the hard way' with it's glistening brains. 

We then dragged our tired feet back over the river to Fopp for some CD treats, Muji for some more storage boxes and finally tucked into burritos at Benito's Hat (yum), before heading home.