9 December 2015


  • had a clear out at mum and dad's house
  • found a nice egg in the charity shop
  • been wrapping presents
  • found a tape in the car
  • pelargoniums keep on flowering indoors
  • our monstera is getting huge

3 December 2015

I really love magazines

Not the glossy gossip kind they sell in the newsagent but the type you have to hunt out: either through small independent bookstores, the Internet or somewhere unexpected. I love searching them out in bookstores: eagerly picking them up, peeking inside to sense if they appeal as much as the jacket might lead me to believe. On the Internet I'm more likely to search by subject then judge by the cover if this is a magazine for me.

In my mind magazines need to be beautiful. I want a magazine with good looks, well designed, exceptional photography or illustration. I want them to be styled and to be stylish. They need to feel good too: nice paper, pages you want to turn, they need to be interesting, to make sense, to be well written. It's hard to find a magazine that has it all, but there are some really goodies out there, you have to seek them out and once you do you'll be eagerly anticipating the next issue.

Some of my current favourites

The Plant



Modern Design Review

Cos Stores Magazine