7 July 2012

it's a list thing

Do you like lists? I love them. So I was very excited to hear about Francesca from Mrs Eliot Books and Xanthe, relaunching a little blog called "It's a List Thing". I'm forever writing little lists, I scribble them all the time, mostly shopping lists or wishlists. I scribble them on paper or tap them into my phone. Lists on paper are the best though, little scraps with gnarly edges. I like the assortment of handwriting that comes with them, my lists are never neat my writing changes from one word to the next, we highlight we underline we emphasise. To me they are a little like therapy or yoga, I feel on putting pen to paper that a weight has been lifted. So I was very excited about Fran and Xanthe's little venture into lists. Go check it out, here, they look beautiful. My first contribution is up already - I'm Polly A. Each month they will introduce a different topic for the list, this month it's 'things that make me feel grown up'. Just sign up to take part. I think this is going to be fun.