8 July 2012

hello tit

Tit's growing fast, really fast. On Tuesday Tit was 4 weeks old, that's 28 days - the same amount of time he/she was in the egg. Look how big Tit is now. We still don't know if Tit's a boy or a girl. Tit's voice is changing and in the next week or two we should know Tit's sex. Apparently girls quack, boys don't. Tit's new home arrived last week, from here. Tit loves it and seems quite happy in there, though still comes indoors at bedtime - it's just not warm enough at night. Tit loves to come out in the garden too, to follow us about - pecking at our toes, pushing through the long grass and trying to eat everything, to paddle and spruce in this little paddling pool (thanks Rach - it's perfect to keep Tit amused).