3 March 2012

last night in spitalfields

Last night my little blog world came to life in more way than one, Alexis from one of my favourite blogs, Something I Made, had contacted me earlier in the week - she'd cleverly remembered that I used to live in Spitalfields (an area adjacent to the city of London in the borough of Tower Hamlets). She wanted to know if I was going to the launch of a new book 'Spitalfields Life'. Spitalfields Life is a wonderful blog all about Spitalfields and the people that live and work in the area, it's written by the Gentle Author (no one knows his real name) and some of his best blog entries have been compiled into a wonderful book. How could I resist the opportunity to meet Alexis and the possibility of glimpsing the mysterious Gentle Author? I couldn't! So Alexis and I arranged to meet outside Christchurch, the colossal Hawksmoor designed church where the launch was taking place. 

Now I know Alexis from her blog and well we bloggers get to know each other or feel we know each other at least, but I didn't really know what to expect! I stood on the steps of the church carefully looking at everyone wondering if they were Alexis! But then I saw her with her husband Hugh, she gave me a friendly wave and I joined them. Once inside I purchased a copy of the book, we drank ale from the Truman's while chatting away and getting to 'know' each other for real. Alexis was just as lovely, of course, as she is on her blog - easy to talk to and really interesting too. In fact now in retrospect I've a hundred more thoughts flooding through my head of things I'd wish there'd be time to chat about. We spent most of our time queuing up to glimpse the Gentle Author and get him to sign our copies. There were just so many people there, fascinating to see the type of person that reads his blog - a complete mix of types! Amongst them old neighbours, famous restaurateur's, designer's, artists and other familiar faces. The Gentle Author, as gentle as you could imagine, kindly signed our books whilst wearing a brightly coloured smack of lipstick on his cheek! 

Whilst we'd been queuing D had arrived to join us. Hungry, and a little exhausted (both from a manic week at work and non stop chatting) we parted company with Alexis and Hugh and made our way to feast on pizza at one of our old haunts before catching a train home to the countryside - eating the delicious cheese and eccles cake we'd saved from the launch.

P.S. Alexis - it was really great to meet you, thank you for suggesting the idea.
P.P.S The photograph above shows the window display of agnès b.