19 September 2011

more tins and things

busy making cider

We have an abundance of apples in our garden this year, our freezer's full to the brim with chunks of apple in bags ready for a snugly winter of eating crumbles. So with loads more apples still dropping off the trees we decided to try making cider. Mmm I love cider, I like it dry and not too fizzy. This is actually batch 2, we spent another day a few weeks ago making batch 1, which is now safely in bottles tucked away for drinking next summer! 

Cider making is quite fun especially on a nice day, like Saturday, when you can do it outside in the sunshine. You collect up your apples, give them a wash, I chopped, D mushed and our little helper from next door did the pressing! So after a days work we have one very large bucket of apple juice which is now set to ferment away into cider.