10 July 2014

garden moodboard - june 2014

It's taken me a long time to get round to posting this June moodboard [yes, June, I know it's nearing the middle of July]! 

Looking outside today it almost seems summer has past, there is a chill in the air and it poured with rain all morning. Still it's only July and I'm hoping there is more in the way of summer sun to come. June I remember as being warmer and drier, at least the watering can seemed to be out most nights.

This month I've also included a twitchy little animation, which kind of shows my process of building the moodboard. As I add more flowers I click with the camera, moving the flowers a touch this way and that, trying to create a picture as I work. This month also involved trying to banish a lot of little bugs that came amongst the flowers, they seemed especially to like the Scabiosa and Sweet Pea - you know those little critters? I could hardly believe how many seemed to be living in each flower. 

[Each month I join Karin and Åsa in this series of monthly moodboards].