15 March 2012

neon V beige

We are forever trying to brighten our lounge/dining room, it's just very beige. I love colour, bright colour, and beige is just not me or D. I've never been a fan of beige, even as a kid I remember a friend of mine's house was totally 100% beige, she even used to wear beige - of course it wasn't my friends decision back then - it was her mum's. I used to come home from playing and tell my mum how everything there was beige - every room, the floor, the walls, the furniture, the plates we ate off! Since those days I've always hated beige. So living with a beige carpet and beige curtains isn't great! There is a beautiful wooden five-finger block floor lurking under that carpet and I can't wait to release it, but we want to decorate first and we're just not ready yet. We're still decorating our hallway - yes still, so the lounge just has to wait. 

Most of the colourful stuff we own has ended up in our studio room, so the lounge is a bit bland. We've inherited sofas from my parents, I love the style of them and the comfort, but they are a little beige, OK there is a touch of golden ochre in there, but they certainly add to the overall beige feel. So when we came across these neon lights at the weekend we jumped with joy. They just add a zing and a pinky red glow. I would love to have bought more but we were a little worried about transporting them. I can't do them justice in the photos, one is bright pink the other bright red, but you get the idea I hope.