17 September 2012

a year old and a giveaway

It's been a whole year since my first post. It got me thinking about this space, why it exists and what it means to me. I had no idea back then what I was doing or why really, other than I'd started to enjoy reading a few blogs and thought perhaps I should have a go myself. The idea of a little space of my own really appealed. Somewhere to express things just as I wish, to have control over. I work as a designer, I design books, so my job is very creative most of the time. But working full-time for a publisher means my creativity is constrained somewhat, the books I work on have to look a certain way, they are a certain type of book - I love them and I love designing them, don't get me wrong, but I felt I was missing that vent for my own creative steam. So this is kind of that, it's still not as creative as I'd like it to be (time's an issue there) but it's a place to share ideas, I guess creativity flows through life and this is a record of that some how. I've always enjoyed keeping diaries and journals, though sporadic, I have a small collection of them - it's fun to look back from one year to the next. The trouble with those little books of scrawls and scraps is they're very insular, there is something far more rewarding about interacting and sharing - I guess that's why blogging is so popular. The thing I wasn't expecting was to make so many friends, to be welcomed into this little world so willingly, I can't thank you enough. Especially for those lovely ladies who welcomed me in the early days, who stopped to say hello; the lovely Alexis from Something I Made, and Anabelle from ♥♥♥ to name a few, I'm not sure if without those early friendships I would have had the drive to carry on. 

As it's a kind of birthday I thought a giveaway was in order, something I like myself, that I hope you'll like to. I spotted this storage bag in H&M a while back and found it hard to track down, so when I did I thought it would be a fun thing to share. A little place to hide away the clutter, the things we don't want to see! 

If you'd like to enter you just need to;

  • Become a follower here at nice kind of blue (if you're not already of course).
  • Leave a comment telling me your favourite post or type of post, and where you come from (for no reason other than I'm curious to know - I'll post the prize worldwide). 
  • For an extra entry add a link from your blog and leave an extra comment to tell me so.
  • Remember if you are anonymous you'll also need to leave me an email address. 

Feel free to tell your friends too!

The giveaway will close on Sunday 7th October 2012, I'll pop your names in a hat (or something) and with eyes closed tight pick a winner. 

Good Luck!