30 August 2012

Bilbao - Part 5 (the last one)

This is the last post in my little series on Bilbao. These are just images from around and about, buildings I loved, murals, sculpture etc. 

I worked from home today. It feels like a long time since I did that, though probably isn't so long in reality. It was a relief to be home and not commuting into London, Mr Mouse popping in to say hello from time to time, Tit giving me the odd quack from outside. I used my train time and lunch break to catch up on some much needed housework, and I even posted a few snaps on Instagram. I'll work from home again tomorrow. I'm still really busy and a bit stressed-out, but when your home sat on your own chair with nice things around you it's not quite so bad, that and the fact tomorrow's Friday!