1 February 2012

coming to life

The past two weekends we've spent Sunday in the garden. I've been pruning our apple trees and D's been digging the veg patch. Despite being pretty cold, the garden is definitely showing signs of life - winter aconites (seen here), grape hyacinth and snow drops are up and out, while other bulbs have pushed their leaves up through the ground. Seeing new life spring up is spurring us on to get the garden a little more under control and how we'd like it. We'll continue to prune and dig for another few weeks yet. The aim is to get the apple trees a little more manageable, dig the ground ready for another three veg beds - to go alongside the two we made last year. D's planted garlic, we've onion sets ready to plant and potatos chitting in egg boxes on window sills. The forecast this week is for cold weather, hopefully it won't upset the flowers that are already in bloom too much. Meanwhile we keep buying daffodils to brighten indoors.