23 November 2012


This past week there has been a turn towards winter. The start of the week was frosty and cold, followed by torrential rain and then last night the wind, gusty and strong. It's been a busy week too, busy with work, finally one of the books I've been working on went to the printer yesterday, a relief that was. Now I can concentrate and get on with the other book I'm designing, still lots to do and that too must make it's way to the printer, all before Xmas. 


  1. Gosh those photos are good - but the one with the frosty leaves in the trug is just stunning (although it makes me feel like I have to put on a scarf and gloves!). Happy Weekend lovely lady. x

    1. Thanks Jen! Glad it's warmed up a bit from when I took these earlier in the week.


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