21 May 2012

our weekend

D had Saturday off. We visited a car boot sale, a stone merchant, and a garden centre or two. We pottered, gardened, ordered take away, relaxed and enjoyed. 

have you met herman?

Vic a friend at work, introduced me to Herman, she'd bought him in to work with her and left him on the window sill next to my desk, lid off and bubbling. Herman in a cake mix, the type of mix that has natural yeasts that ferment, rather like sour dough. Herman came with a sheet of instructions, I took him home with me that evening introduced him to D, transferred him to a large mixing bowl, stirred him, and covered him loosely with a tea towel. Herman spent the next 10 days with us, occasionally he was hungry and demanded feeding, other than that he was pretty easy going just needing a daily stir. Before baking Herman we divided him up into quarters and gave 3 portions away to friends, just like Vic had given me. We then fed him a massive meal, stirred well and baked. He turned out to be quite a big chap filling my largest cake tin. He's also delicious to eat, moist, fruity (with apples, raisins and spice) and incredibly filling. Nothing like a light airy sponge you might buy, this guy is the real deal when it comes to cake. Have you met him yet? From what I hear he's a well travelled chap who's been around a few years.