2 August 2012

days off

We're on holiday from work. We have two weeks off and it's bliss. But not everything goes to plan, so far we've had a leak in the roof and D's been up there dodging the showers to lay new felt. No water has come through since - so he's doing OK. We've also been out driving in the countryside, on Sunday we visited Long Melford a very pretty Suffolk village. We've lounged in the garden watching the Olympics. We've had a large lump of black basalt delivered to take centre stage in our rock garden (now we just need to figure out how to move it there) and have been visiting a few car boots - though we've been fairly good and not bought too much home. We've hung more pictures indoors and generally tidied round. It all feels better, getting on top of those little tasks there's never time for in normal, non-holiday life. I could easily get used to relaxing like this everyday! We've been eating well, with lots of good finds on little honesty tables scattered throughout the countryside here. It might not be hot and sunny as we'd hoped, but time together with D, Tit and Mouse is good enough for me.