16 January 2012

liebster blog ♥

Andrea from little buckles has kindly nominated nice kind of blue, as one of her favourite blogs. Thank you Andrea! I've only been blogging since September so this is quite exciting for me : )
The rules for this award are easy-peasy. If you were tagged and would like to join, write a post with the links to the person who tagged you and to five of your favourite little-known blogs and inform those you tagged. That's it.

So, here are my five favourites (I'm sure you'll love them too, you might even know them already):

Lottie Loves
Pregnancy, Joy, and Other Things...
Fast Times in Munchen
Something I Made
Toot as in Foot

P.S. Image of my desk.

a frosty reception

It seemed to take a while to find us, but now winter is here. I was freezing in bed last night, one of those restless nights when you feel you spent most of the night snuggling and trying to get warm - I'll remember to fill the hot water bottles tonight. 

As always with cats, Shelley made a wise decision today and decided to go back to bed!

It's lunchtime now, the ground has mostly defrosted and the sun is doing it's best to cheer us up from our winter blues. The winter aconites are starting to bloom along with snowdrops around the garden, in a few days even more will have poked their little heads up through the soil - I can't wait.