1 October 2011

cute stuff

I haven't been to China Town for years. But yesterday I decided to check it out again. I wandered along looking for a little shop I remember, but it had gone. Instead I found the indoor market full of all sorts of goodies. I couldn't resist this cute little mushroom key cap and these colourful tapes.

nice start to the day

Thought I'd share the great view I have as I cycle to work. My commute takes me about 2 hours door to door. I get a lift to the station, then the train followed by a cycle on my trusty Brompton

I love the bit when I turn the corner and see the Thames, is the tide in or out? If it's out I look to try and spot a beachcomber and wish I could join them looking for treasure! Some days you can smell the sea. I always think how lucky I am to get such a great view of London.