26 November 2015

autumn/fall colour in our garden IV

These images, taken only a week or so ago, paint a very different picture to our garden today. Over the past weekend we experienced the first frost of winter, cruelly and abruptly putting an end to this delightful colour. It's nice to look back just a short distance in time and remember these rich, bright hues as we head onward into the winter months.

24 November 2015

autumn/fall colour in our garden II

Following on from my last post I share more of the autumn colours filling the garden; which chicken happens to tone with so well!

23 November 2015


  • D and I started pottery class back in september, these are a few of my first pieces
  • our house is full of plants
  • bought this loom a while back, finally I've started weaving
  • I fill these little cans for the houseplants each week, with rain water we've collected, Tit and Pie like to help out
  • lovely light at this time of year
  • Pie, he's just SO cute!

22 November 2015

autumn/fall colour in our garden

It's been sometime since my last post, but I'm back with some recent images from around our garden. 

Despite little activity here on the blog this past year I've been busy elsewhere, especially the garden; it's the place I love to be, a place I feel relaxed. Time spent outdoors in our own space: pottering, planting, tidying, spending time with our ducks, chickens and cat. I just love the air on my skin and dirt under my nails, don't you? To me it's a perfect way to relax and unwind as we continue to develop and create this space of ours. The colours have been beautiful this autumn, with more trees planted: in our quest to add shade and create different areas we've introduced more and more colour. 

I'll share more images with you over the coming days.