24 April 2014

garden moodboard - april 2014

The extra days off over Easter proved perfect for the garden, we spent time outside tending to jobs that needed doing, and embarking on others we relished the thought of. I also took the time to walk round and look: see what we have, see where there might be room for more plant life in the future. We enjoy our garden so much, it's become a huge part of our lives. It seems odd to think back and remember so many years we spent without one. We slowly got a taste for plants, at first a few indoors, then a few in the communal courtyard of our old inner city flat, followed by a few more - till we urned for a real space of our own to plant and inhabit.

Every month I gather flowers and foliage from the garden and photograph them in the form of these moodboards: it's fun to look back, see how the seasons change, what was in flower when and most interestingly how long different plants last, which flowers overlap. 

Once again I'm joining Karin and Åsa in this series of monthly moodboards.