13 February 2012

messing about

D and I took last week off work, we had big plans to dig the garden and prune our apple trees, but last Saturday the snow came and put a stop to those plans. Instead we headed to our nearest hill and acted like a couple of kids. 

Followed by a whole wonderful week of adventures, buying treasures as we went. We had days out to little towns, lunches in cafes surrounded by the over 60's and afternoons rifling through the spinners and shelves of the charity shops. We bought records, tins, coats, jumpers and our best buy of all a 1950's cooker! Quite a random purchase, we spotted it in our local auction and couldn't resist a bid, amazingly we won. Still in the process of cleaning it so I'll get a picture once the weather warms up and we can finish cleaning it. We have a cooker already that works perfectly well so not quite sure where this is going to end up, though we have visions of a cosy little shed near the veg patch where we'd like to spend our summer evenings, so that's a possibility. 

The snow also forced us to stay indoors and get on with our DIY projects - we're currently painting our hallway - which is fine, it's the eight doors and their surrounds that are driving me nuts! Thought we were done but needs another coat as well as touching up the edges so we just need to keep plodding on with that.

And now we're back to reality and work...