24 September 2013

our veg patch

Remember back here? I promised to share a bit more of our garden. Well I'd like to share with you, our veg patch. When we moved here it looked like this (top set, centre bottom), it's taken three years to get where we are now. We had a plan in mind from the start - three main beds, in which we'd rotate crops, plus two permanent beds. After three years they are all in place, with paths running between, eventually we'll fence around to keep bunnies and deer out (so far less trouble than the mole who's forever busy disturbing roots, despite a mole deterrent that rumbles away every few minutes). Getting here has been a slow journey, with fits and starts we've jolted forward one week, only to sink back amongst the weeds the following month. But slowly little by little we've got to here, the first year we grew quite a lot, our time spent tending precious seedlings meant progress was slow. The second year we sacrificed some crops in order to really move forward with 'the plan' and finally this year with all beds in place we are reaping a fine harvest. We learn as we go, we dip in and out of books, we take tips from the wise, we have success and the inevitable failures, we adapt and move on. Of course it's helps when you have company of the most beautiful cat (I am a little biased).

I'll share other areas of the garden soon.