28 July 2012

the past week or so

It's been a busy week or so, our jobs have meant busy days and our home time has been spent tidying, cleaning and making room in the house for mid week visitors. Our good friend Martha and her little boy Noah, came to stay with us for a couple of nights. The weather has finally improved too and we've been enjoying warm evenings out in the garden. Tit has now moved outside to his/her house for day and night. And as of today we are on holiday for two weeks - it feels like bliss already. No plans yet, lots of things we'd like to get done at home, places we'd like to visit and a few days away wouldn't go a miss - let's see.

16 July 2012

another (wet & grey) day

Over the weekend we filled the house with flowers. Cornflowers from the car boot, the rest from the garden. Today they remind me it's summer - I need a reminder when it looks like this outside (top) and I'm wearing 2 wooly jumpers and knitted slipper socks indoors.

13 July 2012

hoard or collect - letters

This is an old collection, it lives in this little house. A collection of letters - as in ABC. Remember these, the coloured ones? You used to get them as the lids for the smarties tube. I wish I'd collected them from every tube of smarties, but I didn't.

12 July 2012

It's been a wet week.

1. Tit enjoying the rain.
2. I've been reading Betty magazine.
3. Monkey money box found at the car boot a while back.
4. Book end, another old car boot find.
5. 6. 7. Our home needs a good tidy, dead flowers everywhere.
8. 9. The garden is lush after all the rain.

10 July 2012

hoard or collect - ribbon

Another tin - another collection. This time I thought I'd share my roses tin - actually it's D's. I gave it to him, he wasn't impressed and I've claimed it back! This tin contains my ribbon collection - this collection comes and goes. When I give a present I might add ribbon from the tin, if I receive a present with ribbon, that ribbon will end up in the tin - it comes and goes, from one friend to another.

9 July 2012

hoard or collect - brooches

I mentioned back here how I like to collect things (OK hoard things). But I consider this an OK thing to do, simply because my collections allow me to collect tins too! And I REALLY love tins, remember I showed some back here and here. I store lots of little collections in my collection of tins. Think I'm mad? D does.

Anyway I thought it would be fun to share a little collection of this or that every now and again. So first off my collection of brooches. I used to be really into them and wear one pretty much everyday, I haven't done that for a while, or even added to the collection. But I still love them all, some are inherited, some I've bought, some have been given. I've probably more than this, but some things I keep in different places for different reasons - or is that just being messy? 

8 July 2012

hello tit

Tit's growing fast, really fast. On Tuesday Tit was 4 weeks old, that's 28 days - the same amount of time he/she was in the egg. Look how big Tit is now. We still don't know if Tit's a boy or a girl. Tit's voice is changing and in the next week or two we should know Tit's sex. Apparently girls quack, boys don't. Tit's new home arrived last week, from here. Tit loves it and seems quite happy in there, though still comes indoors at bedtime - it's just not warm enough at night. Tit loves to come out in the garden too, to follow us about - pecking at our toes, pushing through the long grass and trying to eat everything, to paddle and spruce in this little paddling pool (thanks Rach - it's perfect to keep Tit amused). 

7 July 2012

it's a list thing

Do you like lists? I love them. So I was very excited to hear about Francesca from Mrs Eliot Books and Xanthe, relaunching a little blog called "It's a List Thing". I'm forever writing little lists, I scribble them all the time, mostly shopping lists or wishlists. I scribble them on paper or tap them into my phone. Lists on paper are the best though, little scraps with gnarly edges. I like the assortment of handwriting that comes with them, my lists are never neat my writing changes from one word to the next, we highlight we underline we emphasise. To me they are a little like therapy or yoga, I feel on putting pen to paper that a weight has been lifted. So I was very excited about Fran and Xanthe's little venture into lists. Go check it out, here, they look beautiful. My first contribution is up already - I'm Polly A. Each month they will introduce a different topic for the list, this month it's 'things that make me feel grown up'. Just sign up to take part. I think this is going to be fun.

2 July 2012

our 'work in progress' looks better with flowers

We've been decorating our hallway for over 6 months now. We painted it this lovely shade of grey, but we still need to clean up the doors, hang the rest of our pictures, decided on flooring and get it laid. Trouble with us is we always head for the garden, hence indoor jobs are very slow progress. Yesterday I filled the hallway with flowers, now the mess doesn't bother me so much. 

What do you have on the floor in your hall? I quite fancy carpet, it would be the only carpet we have, but a little warmth and cosiness in the heart of our house is quite appealing. I just worry that Mr Mouse might get to work pulling with his claws - what do you think? Any ideas?