31 October 2011

a brief escape

We spent a night in Wells-next-the-Sea on the North Norfolk coast, staying in a lovely cottage with D's family. We didn't arrive till late in the day on Saturday so had a brief walk along the coastal path before enjoying beers and sweets outside a pub on the quay. 

Sunday we took the narrow gauge railway to the beach, the kids couldn't wait to get to the trampolines and enjoyed lots of bouncing before feeding the ducks. We then had a walk on the beach and climbed the mountains (the dunes to you and me). 

It was only a brief visit, D and I haven't been there for years so it was nice to return and would be even nicer to stay a little longer next time.

28 October 2011

head in the clouds

I'm beginning to think I spend too much time looking up at the sky! My excuse is it's just that time of year when the sky looks so amazing. I couldn't resist taking a couple of snaps on my phone through the train window this morning.

27 October 2011

in the post

I love it when the post arrives! When I'm at home I eagerly await the sound of post tumbling through the letterbox, and when I've been out all day it's the second thing I look for (after the cats)

The latest was this postcard of Dame Edna, a painting by John Brack, sent from my friend Jo who is holidaying in Oz - lucky thing! It bought a smile to my face, when I was a kid I used to love it when Dame Edna came on TV calling everyone possum, with her purple hair and cat-eye glasses! How I longed for a pair of those specs, luckily I don't have to wear glasses but if ever I do I fancy myself in a pair of cat-eyes. 

24 October 2011

hello dolly

Hooray for Sunday and the car boot! Oh how we love to rummage! This week I came home with this lovely little lady, her clothes need a little attention, not much, just a stitch here and there. Isn't she lovely? At first I thought I'd make her a new outfit, but now I think I'll keep her original dress, it rather suits her. 

We also came away with a wonderful art deco paraffin heater, which will keep us cosy when we eat out on cold evenings, a bag of wet walnuts which were disappointingly past their best, a lump of cheese! the biggest bottle brush you've ever seen, a jigsaw to keep us entertained during these dark nights and a plant for my mum.

bread you have to try!

I was browsing various blogs when I came across Geninne's, she made bread using Jim Lahey's no-knead recipe - it looked good, I watched the you tube video, then watched it again, then called D, we watched it together, then again, then again! It looked so easy we had to give it a try. Immediately we gathered ingredients and made the dough. We set it aside and looked forward to the following morning when we would bake it. 

Wow look what came out of the oven! 

We've now made our second loaf and it came out looking just as good. We've tried making bread before and it's never been right, but this stuff is seriously good I can't recommend it enough. We just used organic white bread flour and oatmeal on top, next time we are going to try some wholemeal, that we bought from Lode Mill at Anglesey Abbey.

19 October 2011

magical mornings

I just love these autumnal mornings, the light is so magical. I spent my whole train journey today just watching the sky go by, peering at the sun bursting through trees, over fields, hedgerows, fences and buildings.

12 October 2011

steam up!

We've been so busy this past week, both at work and at home, haven't had a minute to blog. Deadlines at work and trying to get organised and tidy at home ready for D's relatives coming this weekend. But we couldn't miss the local 'Steam Up' on Saturday. Big engines, little engines, beautiful organs, tractor rides, and tombolas! Just thought I'd share a couple of snaps.

6 October 2011

working at home today

What a sunny day. So windy as well, I keep having to look out of the window to see what's happening!

3 October 2011

sizzling finds

Wow, I can't believe what a hot and sunny weekend we've had! I'm sure it was hotter this weekend than it has been all summer. 

We had a busy time pottering around. Made our third batch of cider on Saturday, so that's now sitting in a huge bucket doing it's thing. 

Sunday morning we managed to get to the car boot sale, hooray! We've been too busy to go the past couple of weeks, so it felt like a real treat! I've pictured my finds above. Isn't the magazine cover fantastic? The insides are great as well, I'll try and show some pages another time. I thought the toothpick holder was too cute to pass by and since D is always on the look out for a toothpick quite useful as well. Plus another toy, I don't think I'll ever grow up!

1 October 2011

cute stuff

I haven't been to China Town for years. But yesterday I decided to check it out again. I wandered along looking for a little shop I remember, but it had gone. Instead I found the indoor market full of all sorts of goodies. I couldn't resist this cute little mushroom key cap and these colourful tapes.

nice start to the day

Thought I'd share the great view I have as I cycle to work. My commute takes me about 2 hours door to door. I get a lift to the station, then the train followed by a cycle on my trusty Brompton

I love the bit when I turn the corner and see the Thames, is the tide in or out? If it's out I look to try and spot a beachcomber and wish I could join them looking for treasure! Some days you can smell the sea. I always think how lucky I am to get such a great view of London.