6 March 2014

garden moodboard - february 2014

I'm a little late in posting this, I took the photographs last week, but have been so busy lately that I've only just managed to download this image from the camera. But what an abundance of flowers I found, so much more than last year! And I realise looking at this now I haven't included the Japanese Flowering Quince [Chaenomeles Japonica], that's blooming along our back wall, or the Cherry Plum [Prunus cerasifera] in our front garden - my eyes were obviously fixed too firmly on the ground as I picked these! 

I'm enjoying this series of garden moodboards so much, and on the whole I'm pleased with how the images turn out, so much so that I decided to have a couple printed and have framed them up to enter in the annual art show we have at work. Depending how they go down with my colleagues I might get some more prints done.

Once again I'm joining Karin and Åsa in this series of monthly moodboards.