5 December 2012

a surprise at dawn

We woke to darkness again, but looking outside in the awakening light we saw snow! A complete surprise our garden a blanket of white. After a quick breakfast with D, I took these hurried pictures without time to venture far from our back door. The journey to work was an opportunity to take in the pretty covering of snow, which abruptly ended somewhere between Cheshunt and Tottenham Hale! Back home in the snowscape now, though it's melted a little, I'm hoping there might be enough left in the morning to step in and enjoy. So did you have a surprise this morning when you looked out of the window?


  1. Replies
    1. Unfortunately we haven't had any of this kind of surprise yet... *sigh* Lots of rain.. but no snow...yet.

  2. Ooh so pretty! We haven't had any snow here yet, just lots of frost. Hope there was a little left for you this morning. xx

  3. It's looks lovely! I had a bit of a surprise - rain instead of sunny skies. I was hoping to wash my linen today but the weather gave me the perfect excuse not to :-) x

  4. What lovely pictures! Snow is the best.

    Toad & Feather


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