30 January 2012

last week Nobrow popped-up

Last week was busy (work wise) I had a deadline on Friday which I'd been working toward since before Xmas, I went into the office most days as toward the end of a project it's easier to be working in-house alongside my colleagues, but this means more of my week spent on and waiting for trains! I'd get home late have an hour or so before heading to bed ready for the the next day. By the time Friday lunch arrived I was in need of a treat, I hadn't been out of the office for lunch all week and I could easily waste another hour in front of the computer had I not forced myself out of the door and across the river. 

I'd read about Nobrow 'This Is Not a Pop Up' at the Hayward Gallery, and thought it sounded like my cup of tea. And it was! Nobrow is an independent publisher specialising in illustrated and graphic titles. Everything is beautifully printed in amazing colours on paper you want to touch. I bought myself a selection of postcards (top image) as well as the book Rise and Fall illustrated by Micah Lidberg. It's fantastic, a concertina that opens out to show the rise and fall of the dinosaurs and the subsequent evolution of mammals. Micah's illustration is really cool, absolutely packed with detail - check out his website to see more of his work. Unfortunately the Pop Up store is now closed, so you'll need to hunt elsewhere to see their beautiful books.

Postcards clockwise from top left; Tom Clohosy Cole, Gwenola Carrere, Clayton Junior, Tom Gauld, Nora Krug, Luke Pearson, Till Hafenbrak and Micha Lidberg.