1 October 2012

pottering and pootling

This morning looked like this. Thankfully the weekend was much brighter and we got out and about a fair bit. We pootled round a couple of car boot fairs and bought ourselves some little treats: a doily, a vase, a nice big tin, a couple of plants, a tasty homemade lemon drizzle cake, and D found some nice old tools to tinker with. We also spent time in the garden tidying round, clearing the dead away, with our two little helpers in tow - they love rooting through the grass and pecking at seed heads as you clear the old out the beds. 

Pie is starting to fly now, I haven't seen her yet, but D and my mum have both experienced her fly over their heads! Here she is having a good old flap.

Enjoying a dip. My mum and dad have been hard at work this week, re arranging things in the duck pen, and we've bought some more turf to lay so they'll have grassy bits to root about in. 

Our veg patch is coming along, we've one more raised bed to make and then we'll fence round the edges to keep those pesky rabbits out. 

So that was our weekend. What did you do?