6 September 2012

street art london

A few weeks back, during the Olympics, D and I headed to London for the day - for a day out. We'd booked the two weeks of the Olympics off work, we'd been promised a nightmarish commute and decided holiday was the best option. So we pottered at home, spent four days and nights in Bilbao and then I was in need of a haircut which meant a trip to London was required in order to visit the lovely Holly who cuts my hair. We stumbled across sculptures by Yayoi Kusama and Julian Opie at the foot of the Gherkin and enjoyed a nice relaxed lunch amongst the city folk here at Haz (I really recommend this place, if you're a meat eater the smell off charcoal grill meat will pull you there)! We wandered our old neck of the woods Spitalfields/Shoreditch area, soaking up the street art by Eine, Olek, Malarky, Swoon, Roa, to name a few.