26 January 2012


Everytime I come to do a post I get frustrated! It's the fact that I don't have a proper camera and my images look so poor compared to those on the blogs I read. I'm suffering with major camera envy of pretty much all of you! I've got my iphone and a little instant Casio type that was a hand-me-down from D's mum, so really nothing great. I love my iphone, the handiness of it always being there, the fact I can enhance my images with a whole host of different apps - it's great, but the quality just isn't there for everything I want to photograph. So I'm saving up and will soon (I hope) be able to treat myself to a decent camera! I just can't wait. But what do I choose? What do you use? Tell me please - I need any help and advice you can give, it's been years since I even entered a camera shop and I'm slightly scared.

So today's post is illustrated by a simple doodle, this is the type of thing I used to scrawl across exercise books as a kid. Oh I forgot how much fun some simple scrawling could be, especially on the computer - better than blue biro I think!