23 February 2012

spring-like love

I've already talked about the sun today, it was amazing. I worked from home, enjoying the suns rays flooding in through the windows, creating patterns on the walls and floor, I dreamt of summer days to come. Excited by the weather I decided when D got home we should go for a walk - in the last moments of daylight to make the most of our first spring-like day. 

D was a little late getting home, the light had nearly gone, I could still see the sun disappearing over the horizon and a slim slither of moon glinting through the trees, but there was still time for a wee walk. We trotted together down drive, round the corner, turned right to the house that sells eggs, dropped-off our empty boxes (no eggs today but when they have them we buy them - delicious eggs with deep golden yolks from ducks and chickens). Carefully we crossed the railway line and headed into the openness of the nature reserve, it was hard to see now, we walked toward the lake, it looked dry or boggy - I don't know. A creature shot along the ground next to us we wondered what it was. We talked and walked and looked up at the sky, we could see stars. We walked back to our home and sat on the bench outside with a cup of tea, a magic-mouse on our lap (half on me, half on D) we looked up at the stars and I thought how lucky I am. 

No picture to share of our walk but somehow a heart full on ribbons and colour seemed ok (plus you get to see a bit more of my collection of things)!

today feels different

Ok, I only stepped outside this morning to kiss D goodbye, it probably still feels like winter. But indoors, where I am, it feels like spring. The light is pouring through the windows and has been all morning. 

I'm working from home today and on my journeys to and from the kitchen with tea I spot patterns of light and shade, so intense, so graphic, so exciting. My head is awash with dreams of summer days; sunshine, walks, garden, salads, BBQ's - I can't wait! 

But, I'm not one to wish my life away - I'm just happy we are heading that way, towards the long sunny days.

P.S. I know I need to dust and clean the windows!