25 February 2013

garden moodboard - february 2013

I'm joining Karin again in her monthly moodboard series - a collection of seasonal flowers, and foliage from the garden. I thought this month would be a struggle, and wasn't sure it would differ much from last. Despite the fact I've been spending a fair bit of time in the garden these past weekends, I've been too busy pruning to really stop and look - unaware of the little splashes of colour that have been popping up out there. So when I took a little time today to walk slowly round, I had a lovely surprise - tiny splashes of zingy bright purples, yellows and limey greens, signaling spring is on it's way.

mahonia • violet • primula • hellebore • winter jasmine • snowdrop • I'm not sure of the others, the little white one may be scilla - perhaps you know?