19 September 2013

gardening inspiration

We've had our garden 3 years now, prior to that our only experience of gardening was watching and helping our parents when we were young, that and a few pots we kept in the shared courtyard of our London flat. We'd grown to love those pots and wanted to expand, which was the main drive in moving to where we are now. Our garden is a fair size, and we have high hopes for it. The neglected garden we bought is now starting to resemble our own dream. We work hard at it, most of the time, but sometimes we get little blips - when it just seems like a lot of hard work, and there are areas we struggle to get on top of at all. At times like this it's good to step back and look for inspiration elsewhere, that's what we did when we visited Docwra's Manor Garden it was a joy to explore, so many areas to wander through, so many plants, so many ideas to take on board. 

All of these images were taken at Docwra's Manor, I'll share more images of our own garden soon.