30 January 2013

baking weekend

Last week D picked up a newspaper supplement about baking bread, it contained a few different recipes, but it was the sourdough recipe that really appealed, since it explained how to make the starter from scratch. This now bread-stained supplement has bought a whole new craze of baking to our kitchen, it started with baking focaccia together, followed by D making the sourdough starter, from which he's since baked 2 loaves. I opted for Jess's vegan chocolate try bake (though mine wasn't actually vegan since I didn't have the margarine or soya milk to hand), the first cake of this type I've ever baked, it was super easy especially since it uses the cup method so no faffing with scales. It feels good to be baking again, it's been a while since we made bread, we used to bake no-knead bread, like this, but seem to have fallen out of the habit lately. I'm hoping this past weekend will encourage regular baking again and we'll be feasting on sourdough, rather than shop bought bread. 

As well as spending a lot of time in the kitchen we also popped into Cambridge for coffee, a little mooch about and a spot of lunch. What did you get up to?