27 February 2012

commenting without stress

Word verification is driving me nuts these days - I can barley work out what the words should say and keep having to refresh till I find something I can make sense of. So I've decided to turn it off, OK I might regret this when I'm swamped with spam - let's see. 

But for now it's off.  So look forward to reading your stress-free comments!

remember these?

My mum gave me this little view finder recently - the type that you'd put on a keyring. I made D have a look - he was totally unimpressed! I was hugely disappointed, "D look again, it's me!" I found it odd that he wouldn't recognise me, but then why should he? He didn't know me then, when I was a young girl on skis after my first week of ski-school. I hated it, absolutely hated it, skiing was hell I thought, ski-school was even more hellish! After more family holidays I learnt to enjoy it, to find it exhilarating and fun. Haven't been for years now, but I have some good memories and I love that when I fancy a chuckle to myself I can have a look through that little hole, at young me concentrating hard on not falling over!