14 September 2012

this week at ours

Another week gone. I spent the first part away from home, on a farm - a photoshoot with work. Lots of fun, I adore animals so huge smiles across my face most of the time, hard work in a different way but exhausting all the same. Early starts, long days and more talking than I'm used to! I returned home Wednesday night with a little duck in tow (a friend for Tit). She travelled with me by car, by train and tube - with no complaints. That night when darkness fell we introduced her and Tit listening to the cheeps and chirps with bated breath. Fortunately I worked from home today and yesterday so I've been able to pop out to check on them now and then. Slowly they're becoming friends, still a bit of chasing and pecking mostly from the little one to Tit. I sneaked out earlier to find them snoozing in the sun less than a foot apart! Still no name for the little one, I guess that will come. 

This weeks pictures - new arrangement on the mantlepiece • sweet peas from the garden • D's grandparents barometer • Eucomis fading • more sweet peas scent the bathroom • little duck and Tit (behind) •  candles at the ready for evenings outdoors.