28 November 2011

little posy

Picked these this morning, just a weeny bit of colour left in the garden now.

and here's shelley

I felt bad all afternoon that Shelley hadn't been granted the same 5 minutes of fame as Mouser - so here she is...

aka Shelley-woo, Woo-woo, Wooga etc. As you can see she's cute, fluffy and likes to sleep, she's an indoor cat so the only creatures she's caught are spiders and any victims that Mouser has dragged through the cat flap for her to play with! She loves to play and has a variety of toys on strings that she calls out for when she fancies we should wave them around for her to boot with her dainty paws. She's also pretty good at hazelnut football and can dribble a nut around our hallway like a pro.

introducing mouser

This is Mouser, one of our two cats. He's called Mouser after his ability to catch mice (as you might have guessed) we also call him a variety of other names including mega-mouse, mouse-kin, mouse-pants, panda, mousey, magic-mouse etc etc. He's the best hunter I've ever encountered, little creatures I advise you stay away, he can't help himself. He shows his love to us by giving gifts on a daily basis; mice, rabbits, birds, and moles. We return the love by removing fleas, feeding and cuddling him whenever he asks.

P.S. I'm struggling to take any pictures since the camera broke, I'm down to D's mum's old camera or my phone. The light in here is terrible and so are any pictures I take!