21 June 2012

precious time

I'm working from home today, which means along with my 'work' work I get to do a few chores such as catching up on the washing. I'm so grateful for these days working at home and the precious extra time I get here, rather than sitting on a train, without it I'm not sure how I'd cope.

The sign on the door is particularly important now, it's on our spare room where Tit is living at present. Half an hour ago I heard a crash and rushed to see what had happened. Tit had got himself out of his brooding box! He was running round the spare room like a maniac. I've just been making it safe in there for him, moving things out of reach and putting old sheets down to protect the floor. He'll have to have free run in there until I think of a better idea or his new house arrives (which I ordered yesterday from here).