28 February 2012

today i made a decision

Lots of people have had lots to say about Pinterest lately; Francesca, Jen and this lady. I've read what everyone has to say and I've decided to delete my boards.

I really enjoyed Pinterest - I enjoyed looking. If you ever checked out my boards you'll have seen I wasn't great at pinning. It just didn't really gel with me, I always had a little pang of should I be doing this guilt. 

I work as a designer and I use other peoples images on a daily basis, the images I use always come through an official channel and their use is paid for by the company I work for, I always make sure picture credits are created at the end of a project and these appear on the stuff I design (somewhere, usually small and out of the way - but there). 

I'm not saying everyone should do what I've done, had I had as many boards as some of you I think it would have been a much harder decision to make, but I didn't. In fact I struggled to find time to pin, so in a way this has just taken the pressure off slightly, I'll no longer feel a little deflated that my boards aren't as busy as yours!

I stick stuff up on the walls around my desk all the time, those walls can be my pinboard for now, who knows I may even start to take pictures and share them with you here.

P.S. I hope I don't sound like too much of a party-pooper!