17 May 2012

then and now

You know how much I love spending time in the garden, pottering around with D. Weeding, planting, sowing seed, mowing, edging, pruning, making, just getting on with stuff - it's all just so enjoyable. Before moving here we lived in a tiny London flat, in the last year or so of living there we got the gardening bug. It started with a couple of pots in the communal courtyard and by the time we left it was a whole van load. We moved here, to a village in the countryside, to a house with a fairly big garden because we fancied the idea - the idea of pottering in the garden surrounded by nature. I love our garden more than I ever imagined I could. We spend most of our free time out there, it needed a lot of work. The pictures above show the garden we fell in love with - a big overgrown mess! Now a year and a half on it's looking so much better, we're learning as we go, doing things as we like, how we'd like. It's not perfect, and there are bits I haven't shown you, but below are some pictures of it now a year and a half on, after lots of hard work. We've still loads of ideas, a huge list of things we'd like to do, plants we'd like to grow, we just take it a day at a time.