16 May 2013

nature in the home

I'm joining in with Lou and her 'nature in the home' series. This week Lou set us a theme - pink. I'm not much of a pink person when it comes to flowers and tend not to plant them, so I wondered what I would show, all I could think of was the apple blossom, but that seemed a little too similar to my last post. Then as I watered the plants in the house this morning it dawned on me that these pelargonium are pink, albeit the kind of pink I like, close on red/orange. The poor things are blooming away in our spare room where we have a big free space by the window, they can't wait to get outside on the patio but I don't trust the weather just yet. 

And hello to my new followers, I've noticed the number have slowly been creeping up, which is nice, thank you.